The Area

Beaches or Mountains? How about both! At Las Casas de Caños you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Caños de Meca

Los Caños de Meca has it all. Dramatic cliffs towering over hidden coves, and far-stretching beaches easily accessible to the whole family. Despite being relatively near larger tourist destinations, Los Caños maintains its wild and undeveloped charm. The area comes to life however during the summer months when pop-up beach bars welcome live music and dancing on our shores.

Faro de Trafalgar

The Trafalgar Lighthouse is as much a symbol of Los Caños as our umbrella pines. Always within view, the villas look out upon Cape Trafalgar, the site of the decisive battle of the same name, where Napoleon suffered defeat to the British Navy. Nowadays, the Trafalgar Lighthouse and windswept dunes that surround it make for a perfect spot to sit and watch the sun set over the sea.

Parque Natural de la Breña

From the fishing village of Barbate to Caños de Meca and inland to Vejer de la Frontera stretches Andalucia’s second largest coastal reserve, La Breña y Marismas del Barbate Natural Park. In it up to five different ecosystems are distinguished: marine, cliff, pine forest, marshes and dune systems. Ancient watchtowers stand guard along the cliffs overlooking the sea while the umbrella pines provide shade for a rich variety of Mediterranean wildflowers. Apart from fishing, one of the park’s main natural resources are the pine nuts collected from the Pinar de la Breña.


The freshwater waterfalls and springs, for which Los Caños de Meca takes its name, can only be reached carefully at low tide and by hiking at the base of the cliffs over rocks and through coves. The walk takes 30-60 minutes and must only be done while the tide is going out-otherwise you may get stuck! Best season for this adventure is winter or spring!

Something to love in every season!”

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Spring in Andalucía is magical. The temperatures are warm during the day yet cooler and comfortable at night. Fields and pastures are green while the flowers are in full bloom. The scent of orange blossom, Azahar, fills the air and the sun shines in crystal clear blue skies. Springtime brings the most exciting celebrations in the area starting with Carnival, Semana Santa and Feria- not to mention the start of the tuna season in Barbate. It's a great time to enjoy the best of south of Spain without the heat or crowds.


Los Caños de Meca feels like the center of the world in summer as Europeans head south to the beach and inland Spaniards flock to the cooler coastal areas. The village comes alive as plenty of restaurants, pubs and traditional Spanish beach bars, Chiringuitos, spring up to welcome the crowds. The hot and sunny days are cooled by coastal breezes and dips in the refreshing Atlantic waves. Nightlife is exciting with lots of options for live music and cocktails. When you´ve had enough of the party, the private tranquility of Las Casas de Caños offer a welcome respite, just 20min on foot from town center.


Autumn is an ideal time to visit Los Caños as both the heat and summer crowds dissipate into clear blue skies and picturesque beaches. The water is still warm enough to swim in the Atlantic while most restaurants and bars remain open and easily accessible without reservations. It's the perfect moment to enjoy the best of summer weather and the winter spirit of Los Caños community.


The winter months in Los Caños offer an authentic glimpse into local village life and rhythm. The days remain sunny and warm while the nights are perfect to make use of the cozy chimneys. With the tourists gone, visitors have free reign of the nearby White Villages for wandering, shopping and people watching. It's also the best season for hiking, surfing and outdoor sports, or to just sit in a plaza having a little wine with the locals.

Enchanting all year round

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