Our villas are inspired by our beautiful surroundings as well as the history of The Coast of Light.

Where we’re located

“Las Casas de Caños” is located in the bohemian, beachfront village of Los Caños de Meca on the wild and well-preserved southwestern coast of Cádiz, Andalucía, Spain aptly named, The Coast of Light.

Away from the main street and set back into La Breña Natural Forest, Las Casas de Caños is only accessible by dirt road leading to a private enclave of homes. The villas, perched on a hillside, look down upon fields, forest and incredible views of Cape Trafalgar and Lighthouse. Our unique location makes the forest accessible at your fingertips, while you can reach the beachfront in 20 minutes on foot strolling under the umbrella pines.

Las Casas de Caños consist of a series of spacious Spanish-style villas each built on over 150m2 of ample garden and forest. Beautifully designed to cater to the climate, the villas incorporate indoor and outdoor living spaces featuring both hidden, private corners and wide open areas to share with friends and family.

How to arrive

Los Caños de Meca is best reached by private car which we recommend to easily move around the area. The villas are a 5 minute drive to Los Caños town center and 20 min walk through the forest.

The closest airports are: Jerez de Frontera (50min), Gibraltar (1h20m), Sevilla (2hrs) and Malaga (2h30m)

We can also be reached by Train. The closest train stations are: San Fernando Bahia Sur (45min) and Cadiz (1h).

There are also buses depending on the season to Los Caños, Conil and more frequently to La Barca de Vejer, 20min by taxi.

Taxis are readily available in the area.

La Casa Bella Sombra has 4 bikes for guest use.

Motorbike rental is also recommended to move around easily without having to worry about parking. Rental motorbikes can be ordered and delivered to Las Casas de Caños. Please let us know if you´re interested.

The closest places to fly into:

* The ferries run according to weather conditions. To consult ferry departures go to: www.frs.es

* Travel time is approximate driving from the airport.

By car, Cádiz is 50min. from Los Caños de Meca.

The closest train station to Los Caños is San Fernando- Bahía Sur (35min. by car), then San Fernando (45min).

Depending on the season there are buses to Los Caños, Conil, or most commonly La Barca de Vejer- leaving from Cadiz and Seville.

* Always check the bus schedule and route with the bus company, since timetables change often depending on the season.

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