Casa Bella Sombra

Casa Bella Sombra

The Casa Bella Sombra is the largest of the Las Casas de Caños. The more than 200m2 villa benefits from an exceptional panoramic view of the Trafalgar lighthouse, the sea and the pines.

The ground floor consists of a summer living room of approximately 50m2, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with shower and WC, and a summer utility kitchen.

The first floor, accessible by an internal and external staircase, features a large 60m2 living room with wood burning fireplace, an open-style fitted kitchen, and 2 ensuite bedrooms with bathrooms and WC.

On the ground floor as on the first floor, the villa is surrounded by 80m2 outdoor or covered terraces amply provided with garden furniture which offer each corner of tranquility protection from view, sun or wind. The swimming pool below is lined with walls and oleanders.

Dense vegetation isolates the villa from the neighbors at about 20m separation. Guests are welcome to make use of 4 bicycles available at Casas Bella Sombra.


Casa Bella Sombra

Ground Floor

1 bedroom (1 double bed) with ensuite bathroom (shower, WC, and double sink) Private covered terrace and shared uncovered garden terrace.

1 bedroom (1 single and 1 double bed) Private bathroom across the hall (shower, WC, sink). Shared uncovered garden terrace.

50m2 Living room with sofas, tables and large covered terrace.

Summer utility kitchen with full size fridge and freezer, washing machine and sink.

First Floor

1 bedroom (1 double bed) with ensuite bathroom (shower, WC, double sink) Double doors opening onto a corner terrace.

1 bedroom (1 double bed) with ensuite bathroom (shower, WC, sink).

Large living room with double sofas, wood burning stove and extra large mantel, full size dining room table connected to.

Open, fully-fitted kitchen with dishwasher, mini fridge, oven, microwave, stovetop, toaster, and coffee machines.

Price 2022

Casa Bella Sombra

January, February, March/
October, November, December
April, May €1500/week
June, September€1800/week
July, August€2500/week
* Payment 25% upon reservation.

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